PR & Pitching

Stephen Kent has appeared more than 50x in national and local markets and helped clients secure more than 400 broadcast interviews since 2017. His network ranges from cable news to talk radio and new-media (podcasts, YouTube, etc). You’ll have to do the legwork of making yourself appealing to media, but none of it will matter unless you have the network and good timing that we can provide you.

Media Training

A single TV or radio interview has the potential to reach more people than any paid ad. Being on-air ups your credibility and influence. Make the most of it by going through bootcamp to knock those interviews out of the park. You only get one shot at a first impression - make it count.

Podcasting 101

Media trends come and go, but few have shown such steady growth and potential for monetization & customer connection as podcasting. We’ll get you trained on how to launch your own podcast for a company or individual, consult on the concept and strategy and guide you across the process of launching a show.