Well hello! I’m Stephen Kent, a communications and public relations professional living in the Raleigh, NC area. Between here, Washington, D.C. and NYC and I’ve had the opportunity to do broadcast media (cable news, talk radio, local TV, podcasts) over 50x and book other guests for more than 400 appearances.

You may have seen me on Fox Business, TheBlaze with Glenn Beck for political chatter or on WUSA 9 and Fox 5 DC talking about the latest in entertainment news. I host the popular Star Wars & politics podcast, Beltway Banthas and have helmed more than 150 episodes of this unique show.

Oddly enough, my path to traditional media ran through podcasting first. Beltway Banthas became such a success it launched me towards public speaking opportunities and fan conventions and political events, then on to TV as a commentator.

My real passion in life is service and showing others the way. That’s why I do PR and am eager to help you find your own voice and a platform to use it.